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Applying KristalBond to your glass is fast, and fuss-free too. Here’s the process in 5 simple steps!

Step 1

Contact Us

Fill in the form here to arrange for a site visit. Alternatively, you may call us at +65 8113 7188 or email us at

Step 2

Measurement of Surface Area

We will head down to the site location to measure the total surface area of your glass, in order to determine the total cost of the application.

Step 3

Assessment of Current Light/IR/UV Ray Levels

To help you understand the benefits of applying KristalBond, we will use special equipment to measure your current light, IR and UV ray levels before the application itself.

Step 4

Application of KristalBond

Total time taken will depend on the total surface area of your glass.

Step 5

Comparison Of New Ray Levels

We will measure the light/IR/UV ray levels again, so you can see the improvements after applying KristalBond.

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